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“Neutral” Sweden, on the other hand, made little attempt to hide its pro-fascist position during the War. The strong and profitable connections of Swedish business circles with the Nazis were well known to the Allies who were no doubt persuaded against taking punitive action by those same “certain interests” that Russell Nixon referred to.
Among the Swedish companies that grew rich by aiding the Nazis was the Enskilda bank, owned by the Wallenberg family. The Safehaven documents reveal that the US government had been tracking the pro-Nazi activities of the Wallenberg brothers, Marcus and Jacob, for some time.
In February of 1945, the Secretary of the US Treasury, Henry Morgenthau Jr., wrote to Secretary of State Edward Stettinius outlining the Wallenbergs’ activities.
These included making “substantial” loans to German industry during the War without collateral and making covert investments for German capitalists in US industries. The Enskilda bank, Morgenthau reported, was “repeatedly connected with large black market operations”.
Morgenthau identifies Jacob Wallenberg as “strongly pro-German” and rebuts the view, probably fostered by Wallenberg interests themselves, that Marcus was “pro-Allied”.
Helping to finance Hitler’s war, the Wallenbergs seem to have been playing both ends against the middle, with considerable success. The family remains prominent in Swedish business circles to this day.
Playing both ends against the middle seems to have been a Wallenberg specialty. While his family’s bank was funding Hitler and helping to hide Nazi investments, Marcus and Jacob’s nephew Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat in Budapest, was saving an estimated 20,000 Jews from deportation by SELLING them special Swedish passports.

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